Insulated RF build

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Re: Insulated RF build

Post by Dirtytires » December 8th, 2018, 1:02 am

I have an offset, reverse flow...only the firebox is insulated. You appear to be designing a vertical cabinet and look like you want to insulate the whole thing.

I might suggest that once you build the full frame-work, that you skin the inside first. This way you can weld on both sides of the sheet if necessary.

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Re: Insulated RF build

Post by aldaeron » December 11th, 2018, 9:35 am

Finally ordering metal and accessories!

Last questions:

1) I want the CC door to open 270 degrees. I came up with two designs and since it affects the metal I need to order I need some advice on what would work:

Adding an angle or flat plate so the hinge can mount on the front face of the door
Traditional Hinge.png
Doing a fridge style hinge with a needle thrust bearing ... B0056JIJ26
Fridge Hinge.png

2) What style of gasket do most folks use for the CC? There are a lot at I have the silicon tadpole on my pellet grill and love it. I wanted to get feedback on the fiberglass bulb (seems like it would get greasy) and the Lavalock (seems very thin and also like it would get greasy)

3) I am trying to decide between these latches: Not sure if one latch would be sufficient for a 32" tall door or if I need two.

I plan to make a second thread for my build, but am not sure where to put if (this was supposed to be an RF design, but changed to a vertical)


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