interesting square offset smoker question

Horizontal smokers with a side firebox and tuning plates.
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interesting square offset smoker question

Post by wBuddy » October 20th, 2018, 2:19 am

Hello, I’m from indonesia, forgive me if my english is bad.

I am going to build a traditional offset smoker from a leftovers metal plate 1/4" thick. i know the horizontal offset smoker usually use round body for the cookchamber, but since material available to me are metal plate so im thinking of making the cookchamber rectangular. I Have attatched the design and the smoker calculation and i have some questions and appreciate any help.

because of the smoker design have a slope on the bottom plate so grease will slide down, will it become a problem ? because the drain is close to the firebox. ive added a 2 inch plate to block the grease from entering the firebox though.

why do people use charcoal gasket in their firebox?

the reason that i made the bottom plate a slope rather than weld it straight is because i thought it will help to maintain heat evenly because heat that is trapped in the corner is lesser rather than a rectangular shape, the slope will make a better smoke travel but not even smoke distribution maybe ?

do a thick offset smoker will produce a better brisket rather than thin offset smoker ?
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Re: interesting square offset smoker question

Post by Big T » October 20th, 2018, 7:05 pm

Your calculations look right where they need to be. I would loose the sloped bottom like we talked about in your other thread. I don't use any gaskets on my fire box door, just make sure it closes tight. I don't think you can tell any difference between a brisket cooked in a vertical or an offset, if it's cooked right then it's good, if not then it's not.

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