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Write your own recipe

Post by Gizmo » March 14th, 2012, 5:59 pm

If you're on here then you can get on the internet. So here's something I've been doing that really works and I thought you might like to try it.
Let's say you are looking to make some Carolina sauce but you don't have a recipe. I would suggest you make a 2 cup batch of it the first time - that's plenty to find out how you like it and get a few other opinions too.

Start by searching Carolina Sauce recipes (obviously)
When you find one that looks good then total all the ingredients (if it doesn't tell you) so you know how much total sauce that recipe makes.

Write down just the ingredients you think you like and next to each the percentage it is of that total recipe. This percentage should be written down as a percentage of the 2 cup recipe you are going to make.
i.e. - if you are reading a 1 quart recipe then write down half the amount they use so it will work in your 2 cup "first try" batch.
Pay attention to always include the 3 basic categories, heat, sweet, fluids and body.
The more searching/reading recipes you do the better but usually 6 or 8 is enough. Now write your recipe by eliminating duplicates.
i.e. if they only use red pepper -OR- black pepper then either use just one or split the 2 to use both (remember the heat category)
What you will have is the average of all the good looking recipes you read and you can start "bending" it from there to end up with a sauce (or whatever) you can call your own. I've hit a good one maybe 3 times out of 20 doing it this way. After you've done this a few times you actually get a feel for how to read a recipe and you get a lot better around the spice rack - fewer green faces...:)

Some cooks are just good enough to do this from experience - NOT ME - I need some guidance and this method has yielded several excellent recipes for me that I actually get asked for... kinda fun! :D
If you have a question when you try this just hollar - be glad to help.

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Re: Write your own recipe

Post by Smokeone » March 14th, 2012, 7:37 pm

Great tip, Rick!

I know we are kinda secretive with our "propitary"(sp) formulas, but i bet most guys would alter the recipe to their taste anyway. So come on all don't be shy to share. :-)

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